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Join the community; perform live music on premier stages with top musicians.

  Join a thriving community of like minded musicians.

  Perform live at the city's hottest venues.

  Showcase your talent on premier stages.

 Jam with top musicians and forge relationships.

Find Yourself In Music

You want to make live music performance a part of your life, but how?

Playing in a band may be too much of a commitment, and playing by yourself has gotten boring and stale.  It's hard to meet other musicians that like the music you like.  Coordinating schedules and locations is a hassle.

FlashJam makes performing live music easy.  Connecting you with musicians who like to play the music you like to play.  Coordinating everything from the venue to the equipment, to make your live music performance simply extraordinary!

Transformation Awaits

Find Your Tribe

Play Premier Venues

Discover Your Celebrity 

FlashJammer's say...


"I signed up for the first FlashJam over a year ago and have been hooked ever since. I have met so many amazing musicians and have grown SO much as a vocalist."



"To say the least, the whole FlashJam process has been an incredible experience for all of us." 



"It's safe to say, FlashJam is one of the best things I've ever done in my life and is certainly the highlight of my month!"


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What if I feel nervous and unsure?

Ah, the good stuff!  That means you're about to grow personally.  We've all been there.  It's that excitement and anxiety of not knowing who you're going to play with and how you'll be received and accepted by both the Flashmates and the audience.  

What you'll find is a very accepting and supportive energy from the musicians and audience because they are there for the unique experience FlashJam offers.

Here's the secret to success with FlashJam: Just. Have. Fun.  It's so easy, just enjoy yourself and let it take you on the ride of your life. 

How can I prepare for FlashJam?

Practice the song and get comfortable with your part, join a rehearsal with your Flashmates, or both.  Contact information will be provided once you register.  There is a link to the song on the itinerary so everyone is on the same version.  FlashJam does not facilitate rehearsals and they aren't required, but they may be coordinated by Flashmates.

Is FlashJamTM for amateurs, I'm a professional musician?

FlashJamTM can be a mix of experience where each player knows their part on a song they're good at, so it works well.  80% of FlashJam participants are intermediate and professional level musicians.

Do musicians and bands get paid to FlashJam?

FlashJam offers performance pay opportunities by arranging shows and forming niche bands to fill venue and private party requests.  Musicians and bands are drawn from the FlashJam competitions and offered performance pay opportunities based on their needs, abilities, and availability.

I've already got a band, how does that work?

Existing bands are encouraged to play at FlashJam.  We can help build your setlist, build your fan base, introduce you to venues and industry insiders, and promote your gigs.  We offer paid performances through our Custom Music Services program.  We have negotiated special pricing with recording studios and vendors.

How do I register for FlashJam?

It's a simple and fast process, made even easier by this 85 second video:

Are You Ready To FlashJam?

This Is Your Jam!

Hey you wild and crazy musicians and live music lovers,

FlashJam™ is here to shake up the scene like nothing else in the past half-century. We’re talking about the kind of live music explosion that's gonna make legends out of locals and turn your nights into epic stories. Whether you’re up there on stage or just kicking back and soaking in the vibes, FlashJam™ is where it’s at for anyone who breathes music.

This is your front row ticket to discovering the raw, untamed talent hiding in every corner of our town. Cast your vote and have a say in who’s gonna be the next big thing.  Ever dreamt of hearing or performing your favorite anthems live? Well, dream no more because it’s happening right here.

With a wild mix of genres, styles, and sounds, we guarantee there’s something that’ll hit you right in the feels. We’re cranking it up with a fun, high-energy atmosphere paired with a state-of-the-art sound system and lighting that’ll blow your freaking mind. And with a fresh lineup of intriguing musicians rolling out song after song, the suspense never ends. Trust me; you don’t wanna miss out on this.

So, what are you waiting for? Come on down to FlashJam™. It’s time to rock, it’s time to roll, it’s time to witness the birth of new legends. Let’s make some noise, let’s make some memories, and let’s make history together.

See you at the jam~

Jim Lee